Peace Haven

Boggomsbay,Western cape,South Africa

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  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • 2 car garage
  • Patio

Enjoy ‘peace and quiet’ Boggomsbay. Sit on the upstairs veranda/patio with your sundowner and enjoy the sea view with whales playing in the bay while the fire in the fireplace is crackling away. Every night is a barbeque feast on the veranda. (NB: August / September is mating season for the whales.) Remember to pack your walking shoes. The sea is a 6 minute walk from the house and for the hiking type, you can walk to Vleesbay along the beach front which is about a 2 hour walk there and back. (Strolling will be 3 hours).Do not forget to bring along some sun tan lotion, beach towels and a boogie board if you really want to enjoy the sea waves, sand and sun. It is an excellent swimming beach.Enjoy the morning sunrise over the sea while having big hopes to catch the record sized fish you have always dreamed about. Bring your fishing tackle and camera!Boggomsbay also have for the sports people a tennis court and a golf course with a lovely clubhouse where you can listen to the fascinating stories of the local farmers and holidaymakers while having your favourite thirst quencher. There are also some pool tables in the clubhouse.The bird watching enthusiast will truly love watching the local bird folk feeding their young on seeds or bread crumbs you provided from the veranda. Don’t forget your bird books to tick of new species identified.The famous illuminated Oudtshoorn is a 1.5 hour’s drive away. Pack your cooler bag and have a fantastic all day outing.Bungee jumping for the brave hearts is at the Gourits river bridge on the way to Cape Town. The drive there would take about half an hour.Enjoy a holiday at Boggomsbay and you will surely return for the next and the next like all of us at Boggomsbay!

Peace Haven
Boggomsbay,Western cape,South Africa

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Peter Engel
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