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Dreamcatcher Vacation Home MarketingWe created Dreamcatcher Marketing to provide vacation rental homeowners with the world’s simplest, most effective way to market and book their vacation rental.

Dreamcatcher Marketing acts as owner’s personal online marketing, sales and service team, handling every facet of the vacation rental marketing process – creating great listings, reaching the largest network of travelers, and offering a seamless booking process with full traveler support. All for a risk-free 20% booking fee.

Dreamcatcher Marketing – Your vacation rental marketing solution


We build your one-of-a-kind listing, market it on the most popular sites, thrill travelers with responsive service and deliver closed bookings. It’s your vacation rental marketing solution, Dreamcatcher Marketing.

More Services – More Renters – More Bookings – More Exposure – MORE FREEDOM!


  •  No cost to join & no cancellation penalty
  • We’d rather earn your business with each new booking than lock you into a restrictive contract. Without any risk, why not give us a try?
  • Our team of experts builds your stand-out listing for you
  • Wondering if you have the right photos, headlines, descriptions and pricing? Our team of experts has all the answers.
  • We get your listing in front of travelers… LOTS of travelers
  • Placement on popular listing sites, with concierge companies, Travel Agents, Relocation Companies Movie/Shoot Companies etc. plus promotion on search engines and social media – all at our cost!
  • We respond to traveler inquiries & handle all the booking details
  • We will thrill your guests with VIP support, detailed information and secure online transactions – it’s as easy as booking a hotel.
  • After securing full payment and contracts, Dreamcatcher Marketing pay you directly
  • 20% booking fee applies to reservations we secure for you

It’s simple: we don’t make money until you make money. We want to be perfectly aligned with your goals as a homeowner.

Want to learn more? Read our Homeowner FAQ or call us today at (877) 844-5761 !


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List your property for FREE or become a Travel Partner with untold ADVANTAGES!

What is a Travel Partner

Be a rental manager, not a rental agent. Save time, and make more money, by utilizing one of the Dreamcatcher services below. Sometimes potential guests just need a little nudge when deciding when to book a particular property. Our qualified agents empower Dreamcatcher to offer specials and last-minute discounts (as approved by you) to prospective clients to ensure their immediate booking.

Increase your bookings with targeted marketing and promotion services from Dreamcatcher – FREE.

  • Up to 25 photos with each listing
  • Personal calendar and owner login
  • Help writing property descriptions to entice more guests
  • Online and on phone specials

Other Premium Marketing Services Offered by Dreamcatcher

  • Professional photos of your property listing
  • Professional writing services for property descriptions
  • Affiliate websites available for online bookings
  • Corporate housing marketing available
  • Travel agent accessibility and cooperation
  • Realtor accessibility and cooperation

Property Marketing Services by Dreamcatcher

  • Professional property marketing and hospitality services available in certain markets
  • Professional cleaning and handyman services available in certain markets

Sit Back & Relax – FREE

Did you know that listings without a live calendar get the fewest bookings from website viewers, and the lowest priority from reservation agents? Help amp your booking power by keeping your calendar “live” with accurate information. Vacancy Eliminator allows you to compete with big-name travel sites like Travelocity and Expedia by offering live calendars and real-time booking options for potential guests. In fact 10 percent of all vacation home renters and 40 percent of hotel guests prefer to book live online. Help them do it by offering online booking for your property location.

  • Dreamcatcher bookings automatically update on property calendar
  • Owner reservations are easily added through owner link
  • Renters can search for properties only with Live Calendars on our website
  • Permit real-time online bookings at Dreamcatcher, as well as all our other affiliated vacation rental websites


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Realtor Services – also see – What is a Travel Partner?

[blockquote]Are you a Realtor looking to increase renters to your vacation or longer term rental listings? Dreamcatcher Vacation Homes Marketing can help! Dreamcatcher Vacation Homes Marketing provides premier marketing and guest placement services that can help you increase vacation and corporate rental income to your owners. A new type of vacation rental marketing company, our simple, no-nonsense services can help you book your properties more often, increasing you and your owner’s income and saving you time and headaches along the way.[/blockquote]

We offer:

  • Free listing on our website
  • National and International coverage
  • High-profile Web advertising to drive traffic to your listing
  • Property specific advertising campaigns available for your owners
  • Realtor log on to calendar to keep calendar current
  • Ability to do shorter term rentals
  • All major credit cards accepted for guest and owner convenience
  • Support for your sales efforts
  • Buyer and listing leads given to cooperating brokers

Just add us to your current marketing system to draw a higher volume of rental inquiries and placements. The sooner you start the more guest we can book for you and your owners. To sign on, give us a call at (877) 844-5761 or contact us.

The Commission Structure is simple.

Adding your owners/clients property – we work on a split commission basis, so if we get 10% than you get 5%, if we get 20% than you get 10%, this applies if you are supplying a customer and/or a property as well.

This is a process that has worked with our other agents and has proven to be successful. When this does not work – is when our agents try and negotiate directly with the owners/reservation companies or clients by either trying to go around us and form a relationship, or trying to get the client to go direct and form a relationship – this never works out. It might be a short term solution that makes you money – but if you are found to be doing this – we immediately stop our relationship with you, and you are put on our list of agents not to work with. This is something that is unfortunate but has happened before and forces our hand in this matter.

When do you get paid?

Once a booking is confirmed and all obligations are met i.e when the client has paid in full and has arrived and departed, you will receive your commission no more than 48hrs later. Our agents are very important to us and we understand you are doing the work as well as we, and adding your available properties to our website for marketing makes you a very valuable asset to our company, so we make sure you are paid! As you will be the liaison between your property owner and Dreamcatcher, you will be in total control and be aware of all stages of reservations on your listed properties.

May we list your villas or products on our site?

Please ask us for the information for the villas you would like to have on your site. As a full marketing company we strive to give the property owners, property managers and Realtors the best exposure of their properties and will work with you in any and all aspects of helping you book our properties.

How does the pricing work?

There is no pricing visible on our website and the net amount to our owners will be supplied to you, you add your commission and only pay us our amount quoted to you once your booking is confirmed – all payments/deposits must be done within 24hrs of your reservation to secure the property for your clients and cancellation for refunds must be 60 days prior to arrival date as our homeowners must and will be paid in advance.

We will supply you with high end photos and full descriptions of the properties, or feel free to grab them from the site. You can also request a full PDF version of the property from one of our agents to send to your clients. You can change the name of the villa if you prefer, but remember that this is not necessary as we are working together. Your clients will be noted and as they can do no direct reservations with Dreamcatcher, you will be contacted if they try to book direct. We are very cautious about this. Pricing is not inclusive of any taxes, security deposits, or final cleaning fees. Additional items such as maid, chef, and spa services should be inquired about, unless the villa says “Fully Catered.”

How can we get started?

If you are a Travel Agent, Concierge, Travel Adviser a Travel Coordinator or Realtor, all you would need to do is fill out our form and return it. We also require a W9 from new Vendors which is for our accounting office. If you are an international agency we require your tax id or business license or your personal tax id for the paperwork submission. We do this in accordance with tax laws so that we are not left with a tax liability. This is in accordance with our office and regulations for businesses doing business in the USA. We are happy to work with any Travel Professional; all you need do is – ASK. Please fax the paperwork back at your earliest convenience.

How do we reach you to book?

We are here every day via phone at +818-924-4159 or toll free if you are in the USA at (877) 844-5761 from 9:30am – 7pm EST. You can also reach us by email at and we will answer you ASAP.


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We look forward to working with you! Welcome Aboard!