The highlight of Cape Town’s glamor spots, Clifton lies between Sea Point and Camps Bay. Clifton’s famous four beaches are the ideal hangout for beach lovers. The four small and beautiful beaches of Clifton are interlinked, with giant granite boulders dividing one from the next. Each individual sandy enclave has its own peculiar identity. 4th Beach is the busiest, with the young and the beautiful playing volleyball, throwing frisbees and sunbathing – but mostly trying to look cool. 3rd Beach is frequented by the gay population of Cape Town, while 2nd Beach is the sunning spot of the young bohemians and university students of the city. 1st Beach is the least popular (but no less beautiful) than the other three. Clifton is wonderfully sheltered from summer’s south-easterly wind, but not many people actually brave the cold water. Yachts, speed boats and jet skis come and play in the bay and it has the atmosphere, if not the warm water, of a Mediterranean resort. Some of the most expensive property in South Africa and some of the finest beaches to be found anywhere, are right here at Clifton. The Clifton Beaches are great for a day with the kids, and superb for sundowners and evening picnics. But go prepared. Take warm clothes, candles for after sunset and lots of goodies to snack on. Alcohol is not allowed on the beaches so stock up on the cold-drinks and fruit juices. Holiday homes in Cape Town are as varied and wide as the African sky! If you are looking for something special for your Cape Town vacation, our superior selection of  holiday home rentals will have you settled into holiday mode in a heartbeat. Clifton is one of Cape Town’s most exclusive suburbs. The next door neighbor, and more exclusive little sister, Clifton is the place for the jet set elite, and is famously wind free. Clifton is home to some of the most expensive real estate in South Africa. With panoramic views, direct access to the beaches, and modern contemporary finishes, you will soon understand why Clifton holiday rentals are some of the finest in the country. All equipped to the highest standards, our villas, holiday homes and apartments, are individually decorated and cared for, showcasing the beauty of the Cape Town way of life and the African continent. Browse our wide selection of  vacation rentals,  or contact us  now! 

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